Amazing Rajanikant a.k.a Indian Superman

24 06 2007

How does he do it or rather how can he do it ( i mean for heaven sake man)….??????? Guess questions like this will remain a mystery for the rest of the world. One has to belong to a land called India and reside somewhere between 8deg to 15deg North latitudes to discover this. I was hearing all this fuss about the new Rajanikant movie Shivaji- TheBoss . 100 crore movie, fans going fanatic, rajani with superhuman abilities etc. Of course i don’t have the patience to watch the movie. I mean.. who understands Tamil or Telgu or whatever it is. So i turned up to a friend called Youtube .com for a briefing. Well to my surprise i came across some scenes that made me go through some books of Newtanion Physics and aerodynamics just to check if I had missed anything during school…. Why u ask… have a look…

Still … even after this if anyone is still interested in watching the movie… here a trailer

And just so let you know if u are really wondering if Rajanikant is that young…….compare the two pics

election9.jpg Recent photo during some political meeting.


Magic of photoshop in Shivaji… I had seen a report on NDTV.. Looks like some hollywood face was used with some powerful image rendering technology to make this miracle.



20 06 2007

NA(National Geographic) has done an incredible research on wild bears. They tested their blood and found a chemical called NST(Neuro Seudolasta Trotin-chemical very common).When this chemical was tested with PST (Para Seudolasta Trotin) ,they showed some behaviours oh human being i.e they can walk and act like human being.Recently one test was incredibly successfull and the result is infront of us.Please go thru the video attached hereby which contains the bear and its child and u will wonder how amazingly a bear can act like human being.

So, saw the similarities??… Now just imagine which animals Rajanikant will portray in Shivaji


20 04 2007

Ok so they didnt do that well. I dont know why people are giving them such a hard time. Its a game and winnning and losing is a part of it.

But one thing I really wonder about, that why do the Indian public treat the Indian Cricket team players as gods before the match? And if they loose, poor guys are cursed to hell.

They ae still humans guys …. common givem break

Heres a very funny video of entire journey of Indian cricket before during and after the world cup…


15 04 2007

Shootout at Lokhandwala is a forthcoming Hindi film directed by Apoorva Lakhia. It stars Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi, Abhishek Bachchan, Arbaaz Khan, Tusshar Kapoor and Sunil Shetty in pivotal roles. The movie also stars Rohit Roy and Shabbir Ahluwalia in supporting roles. The film’s score and soundtrack will be composed by a leading Pakistani band, Strings, and top Indian bands, Indian Ocean and Euphoria, popular songwriter Biddu Appaiah and popular playback singers, Shibani Kashyap and Mika Mehndi. Cinematography for the movie is handled by Gururaj S. Jois, while the editing for the film is handled by Bunty Nagi. The film is based on Aftab Ahmad Khan’s encounter with five members of Dawood Ibrahim’s underworld gang and the true story behind these events. Currently in its post-production stages, the film began shooting in August 2006. According to Lakhia, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty and Arbaaz Khan are essaying the role of police officers in this movie.


12 04 2007

Watching cricket doesnt get some people much of exitement. May be this generous cameraman felt the same and decided to spice things up a little. Watch the video and you’ll see why…..

As I always say…2007 World Cup seems to provide its exitement in all possible ways this year.


7 04 2007

Actually I was browsing on youtube for a sneak peak at Dhoom 3. What I did come accross was a bogus video made of shots from Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Don and Faana ultimately i guess, just to show that the new sequel will star Amir and Shahrukh also besides John and Hritik. However, besides that I did come accross this one more video made by a bunch of some hostel guys claiming this one to be the real Dhoom 3 treat… Just too funny. See how they dance … even Hritik will be stunned

So as I was browsing along I also came accross this next video. Appearantly made by guys from IIT Delhi, this Beedi Chadaile video is certaily more than funny… its inspirational to many of us

And finally if at all any of you are interested in that fake Dhoom3 video here is a look… just see how bad it is… i mean its clearly fake


6 04 2007

A mourone friend of mine told me that IDEA ROCKS INDIA is on 2nd of April and I was too relaxed to make an effort to arrange for the passes. So two days before that I venture out, making a few calls, asking influential guys for passes, only to find out that this programme was on 31st of March. ” If only you had asked yesterday I wud have given you three passes” or “Its too late man, kitlo late re, ata kon ditlo tuka passes” were the common replies. Disheartened but somewhat cheered up by a bite of Mexican Shwarma on Miramar Beach I finally accepted that i had missed it, two years in a row and for the same reason…. LAZYBONES. A call from my otherwise ‘mostly at home’ cousin telling me that she too is enjoyin the show frustrates me even more and so I have a pani puri.

Now some say it was a good show while others say last year Sonu Nigam’s was better. I decided to check it out myself on youtube. Didnt find many videos but managed to put a couple of dem on my blog. This year Sunidhi Chauhan rocked the stages of Idea rocks India. The 2006 Filmfare award winner for best playback singer female and one of the sexiest singing talents I believe to be on Indian screens, was there in Goa this year and I missed it. Would have gone there even alone if I had a pass. But anyways, for those of you missed it too, hopefully for better reasons than I did, here area few glimpses of the show.